The 4 Week Financial Power Plan Live Masterclass


The 4 Week Financial Power Plan Online Course $529

The 4 Week Financial Power Plan Live: A 4 Week course for working professionals who are ready to achieve financial security. Grow your personal finances by raising your credit score, implementing a debt elimination plan, establishing a system savings fund, and activating your plan for wealth creation. 

Course Breakdown: 

1. Four Live Master Classes     

2. The 4 Week Finanical Power Plan Curriculum

3. Trimerge Credit Report Analysis         

4. A Credit Management Plan- designed to help you raise your credit score within 90 days of plan activation. 

5. 1:1 Coaching Session

6. Robo Advising 

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Credit Management 2.0 Online Course $199

Credit Management 2.0 Live: An accelerated online course for working professionals with an urgent need to repair their credit score . 

Course Breakdown: 

1. One Live Master Classes

2. Trimerge Credit Report Analysis     

3. A Credit Managment Plan designed to raise your credit scores within 30-60 days after plan activation. 

4. 1:1 Coaching Session

Financial Coach Master Training Course


The purpose of this course is to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to build a profitable and successful Financial Coaching Business in 6 Weeks, so they can stand out in their niche, work with dream clients, create an additional revenue stream, & build an Anytime Anywhere Action-Ready(#AAA) business.

The course will focus on critical concepts to move participants from point A to point B.  Launching a financial coaching business doesn’t have to be difficult, timely, or costly.  Our experts will teach you how to implement an Automated, Repeatable, System (#ARS) and you will take immediate action on advancing your Financial Coaching business forward. Click here to request a copy of the course prospectus!


LL Youth Bookcover Sized

Levels & LifeStyle: How To Flex Your Financial Power For Youth is a financial literacy wookbook designed for youth ages 10-18.  This workbook introduces youth to the fundamentals of money and money management.  Youth will learn about money (currency) basics, budgeting, banking, and credit.  Once the workbook is completed, users then have the opportunity to test their money skills and apply what they have learned during an interactive project. This workbook is interactive and action based!



This workbook is intended to help you improve and strengthen your financial foundation by focusing on enhancing the building blocks needed to achieve financial freedom.  The 4 Week Financial Power Plan is divided into four chapters; Savings & Budgeting, Credit Improvement, Debt Freedom, and Wealth Creation.  Each chapter is comprised of four sections.  The chapter sections are concise doses of financial literacy followed by an activity that challenges you to immediately apply what you have learned by creating your own Financial Power Plan.  The lessons and principles are delivered to you through personal stories and case-studies that have been proven instrumental in achieving financial improvement. The chapter sections are immediately followed by a break to allow reflection of what you’ve just learned.

By understanding and incorporating a strategic financial plan that includes these financial principles you will experience an increased sense of financial awareness and be able to transfer financial knowledge to your family and friends and start the cycle of generational wealth. The principles highlighted in this manuscript are easily transferable into your financial situation, regardless if you are in the beginning stages of financial planning or if you just simply need a refresher. 

My objective for each section is to challenge you to take a realistic look at where you are financially, and inspire you to improve your current financial situation. This is an action oriented workbook that will require you to do the work. This is a practical application of what it takes to become financially free. For maximum results, please be sure to complete all sections of each chapter.  If you desire additional assistance and/or one-on-one coaching, please be encouraged to contact the Financial Power Network directly and we will be happy to assist you in this journey.




Keys to Black Wealth - A Financially Empowering Edutainment Event

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"A financially empowering, edutainment event."

We invite you to join us as we celebrate Black History Month by offering a financial wellness event focused on the economic advancement of African-Americans and people of color in Columbus, Ohio.

The Keys to Black Wealth seminar will include a panel-style financial education segment addressing financial principles related to life insurance, credit/debt management, home ownership, insurance/investments, and taxes.

The host of experts sitting on the panel, who combined have decades worth of experience in the financial sector, will dialogue and respond to audience generated questions in a moderated-interactive discussion. Following the panel, you are welcomed to enjoy a networking mixer including, free food, specialty cocktails, music, and vending.

See you there!

5:00 p.m Doors Open. 5:30 p.m. Event Begins

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Email Christian 

Fire Up Your Motivation

This Workbook is intended to help you identify some behaviors that will bring you to a financially fit state of being in less than 4 weeks. We use basic principles that are easily transferable into your financial situation, regardless if you are already deep in debt or simply staying afloat.

We cover four sections of financial fitness. Budgeting, Savings, Credit, Debt, and Wealth Creation.


Our Collective Action approach to designing a financial plan includes offering our clients a conglomerate of financial resources powered by expert financial professionals representing diverse backgrounds within the financial service industry.

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