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The new source of power is not money in the hands of few,
but information in the hands of many.
- John Naisbitt

Global economic inequality continues to be an unsolved problem as economic resources are not easily nor equally accessible locally or globally. Social Fintech is a new approach to reducing global poverty.

The Financial Power Network (FPN) is a Social Fintech Company which is a hybrid of technology and social entrepreneurship. FPN delivers financial services to individuals and businesses across the globe.

The Mission of the Financial Power Network is to end generational poverty, by increasing generational wealth. 


Brandy N. Avery
Brandy N. AveryFOUNDER & VISIONARY - CEOinfo@financialpowernetwork.net
Brandy has helped entrepreneurs and organizations including The Ohio State University Medical Center and The Columbus Urban League develop and monetize financial education processes and programming. She got her start at The Ohio State University Medical Center, one of the top 3 hospitals in Ohio! She worked as a Financial Controller for almost 10 years helping clients diagnosed with catastrophic illness navigate the hospital financial system, so that they can afford to pay for life saving procedures. She created a system to expedite the Social Security approval process for patients and saved the hospital over $1 million dollars in revenue for 9 consecutive years. She’s helped her clients implement and execute financial capabilities initiatives generating over $1.2 million in revenue in the first year of operations. She created Financial Coach Master Training #FCMT to help people turn their passions and expertise into products and services for more income, freedom, and to help others improve their quality of life. Her passion and commitment to financial freedom for all, stems from her personal experiences while living in poverty and experiencing homelessness. Brandy share's her personal journey as proof that financial knowledge + action = financial power. Registrations and Designations: NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor; ODI Authority: Accident & Health, Life; NCHEC Homeownership Education Counseling Certification; NCHEC Financial Capability Certification; Freddie Mac Credit Smart Certification; CBA Credit Building Certification

What Is Your Financial Vision?

Learn more about how the Financial Power Network can help you achieve those financial goals you have in mind. We want to empower our clients with financial knowledge.

Our Collective Action approach to designing a financial plan includes offering our clients a conglomerate of financial resources powered by expert financial professionals representing diverse backgrounds within the financial service industry.

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