Personal Finance Coaching
We offer one on one or group/family financial coaching. Our consultants specializes in customizing a financial plan that is action oriented and results driven.
Financial Coach Master Training

The purpose of this course is to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to build a profitable and successful Financial Coaching Business in 6 Weeks, so they can stand out in their niche, work with dream clients, create an additional revenue stream, & build an Anytime Anywhere Action-Ready(#AAA) business.

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Public Speaking
We offer groups and organizations seminars with the message structured and deliberate with three general purposes: to inform, to enlighten, and to activate positive financial actions.

Knowledge is Power

We believe every individual deserves an opportunity to live free from the financial burdens associated with daily living. When you close your eyes and think about an ideal financial space that you and your family desire to live in, that same vision becomes the goals and purpose of the Financial Power Network. The Financial Power Network is structured to assist you with designing a financial plan that will strengthen and stabilize your financial foundation and give you and your family peace, purchasing power and financial security.

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Your network is your networth



Self discovery for the beauty professional

Economic <br>Empowerment

Your Financial Upgrade - Once Text Away

WeFinText- A digitial financial education initative, powered by AI and a human-to-human approach. We offer innovative personal finance solutions that helps users eliminate debt; manage budgets & cash flow; and we also provide users with 1:1 financial coaching and education. Users can activate WeFinText direct from their iPhone or Android. 

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We would like the opportunity to speak with you about your financial vision and how the Financial Power Network can help you achieve your goals.

Our Collective Action approach to designing a financial plan includes offering our clients a conglomerate of financial resources powered by expert financial professionals representing diverse backgrounds within the financial service industry.

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