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We offer one on one or group/family financial coaching. Our consultants specializes in customizing a financial plan that is action oriented and results driven.
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Offering business owners and entrepreneurs collective economics business development solutions.
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We offer groups and organizations seminars with the message structured and deliberate with three general purposes: to inform, to enlighten, and to activate positive financial actions.

Knowledge is Power

We believe every individual deserves an opportunity to live free from the financial burdens associated with daily living. When you close your eyes and think about an ideal financial space that you and your family desire to live in, that same vision becomes the goals and purpose of the Financial Power Network. The Financial Power Network is structured to assist you with designing a financial plan that will strengthen and stabilize your financial foundation and give you and your family peace, purchasing power and financial security.

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The 4 Week Financial Power Plan

This workbook is intended to help you improve and strengthen your financial foundation by focusing on enhancing the building blocks needed to achieve financial freedom.  The 4 Week Financial Power Plan is divided into four chapters; Savings & Budgeting, Credit Improvement, Debt Freedom, and Wealth Creation.  Each chapter is comprised of four sections.  The chapter sections are concise doses of financial literacy followed by an activity that challenges you to immediately apply what you have learned by creating your own Financial Power Plan.  The lessons and principles are delivered to you through personal stories and case-studies that have been proven instrumental in achieving financial improvement. The chapter sections are immediately followed by a break to allow reflection of what you’ve just learned.

By understanding and incorporating a strategic financial plan that includes these financial principles you will experience an increased sense of financial awareness and be able to transfer financial knowledge to your family and friends and start the cycle of generational wealth. The principles highlighted in this manuscript are easily transferable into your financial situation, regardless if you are in the beginning stages of financial planning or if you just simply need a refresher. 

My objective for each section is to challenge you to take a realistic look at where you are financially, and inspire you to improve your current financial situation. This is an action oriented workbook that will require you to do the work. This is a practical application of what it takes to become financially free. For maximum results, please be sure to complete all sections of each chapter.  If you desire additional assistance and/or one-on-one coaching, please be encouraged to contact the Financial Power Network directly and we will be happy to assist you in this journey.


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Credit Improvement Movement

Is an evidenced-based economic empowerment workshop and covers the core of financial literacy: saving, credit, budget, debt, wealth creation, and legacy. Participants can expect to experience an intense financial education workshop where they will be given a personalized credit repair plan that is designed to raise credit scores within 30-120 days.

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Our Collective Action approach to designing a financial plan includes offering our clients a conglomerate of financial resources powered by expert financial professionals representing diverse backgrounds within the financial service industry.

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