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Credit Management 2.0 Live: An online accelerated financial education course for working professionals. 

Course Breakdown: 

1. Financial Assessement  

2. Live Master Class

3. Trimerge Credit Report Analysis (client must provide credit reports)   

4. Credit Education- (Credit Law, Credit Management, Products & Solutions, Debt Negotiations, Credit Report Disputes, Credit Math

5. Customized Credit Managment Plan 

6. Two 1:1 Financial Coaching Sessions

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Credit Management 2.0       Online Course  $250


The purpose of this course is to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to build a profitable and successful Financial Coaching Business in 6 Weeks, so they can stand out in their niche, work with dream clients, create an additional revenue stream, & build an Anytime Anywhere Action-Ready(#AAA) business.

The course will focus on critical concepts to move participants from point A to point B.  Launching a financial coaching business doesn’t have to be difficult, timely, or costly.  Our experts will teach you how to implement an Automated, Repeatable, System (#ARS) and you will take immediate action on advancing your financial coaching business forward. Click here to request a copy of the course prospectus!


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My objective for each section is to challenge you to take a realistic look at where you are financially, and inspire you to improve your current financial situation. This is an action oriented workbook that will require you to do the work. This is a practical application of what it takes to become financially free. For maximum results, please be sure to complete all sections of each chapter.  If you desire additional assistance and/or one-on-one coaching, please be encouraged to contact the Financial Power Network directly and we will be happy to assist you in this journey.



Our Collective Action approach to designing a financial plan includes offering our clients a conglomerate of financial resources powered by expert financial professionals representing diverse backgrounds within the financial service industry.

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